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This page is to accompany our PIIC PLO session"Building Language Based Activities:Digging Below the Surface"Digging.jpg

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Session Powerpoint

Ticket in and Out the Door

Depth of Knowledge Resources

"Wheel of Misfortune"-Karin Hess

Other image and materials sources

The Library of Congress classroom materials for teachers (especially the Primary Source Sets)

101 Questions from Dan Meyer "We don’t care how well you lecture. We don’t care how well you engage us. We aren’t impressed by your fancy slide transitions or your interactive whiteboard. We care how well you perplex us."
The Why Files Cool Science Images
Math Imagery from the American Mathematical Society
The Library of Congress classroom materials for teachers (especially the Primary Source Sets)

How to Bartle Puzballs

Article or Informational Text Question Creation Discussion

Questions generated by the group...1. How does this article relate to today? What parallels would you draw ... (DOK 2) Describe the issues or problems ... (DOK 3)2. Why do you believe that WW1 had a profound effect on Art? (DOK 2) What impact did WW1 have on Art? (DOK 1)3. How do you do something "retroactively"? Why did the author choose the word retroactively?4. Identify a period of history that could be described in the same way? (DOK 2) Using multiple texts, identify and explain ... (DOK 3)5. In what ways has technology improved our lives and how could it perhaps destroy it. DOK 2 Using multiple texts, explain the impact that technology .... (DOK 3)

Lexile Measures

Sources for Informational Texthttp://www.loc.gov/teachers/classroommaterials/themes/
Exhibitions, special presentations, lesson plans and other materials gathered from throughout the Library of Congress for selected curricular themes.

http://www.readworks.orgprovides research-based units, lessons, and authentic, leveled non-fiction and literary passages directly to educators online
http://www.newsela.commakes it easy for an entire class to read the same content, but at a level that’s just right for each student.
http://www.nonfictionminute.com/ here you will find short pieces of nonfiction on a wide variety of topics, written by outstanding nonfiction writers for children.

Lets you read more, understand more, learn more words, and teach more effectively. It simplifies English, teaches vocabulary, creates learning materials, and lets you create documents to teach a global audience. It has many more features, and it's all free.

Tractor Mac Common Core Aligned Question Examples
Tractor Mac Arrives at the Farm
Tractor Mac Builds a Barn
Tractor Mac You're a Winner

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