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Reading resources
Graphic Organizers
Teaching for Comprehension and Fluency http://books.heinemann.com/comprehending/graphicOrganizers.html

100 Free Printable Graphic Organizers http://freeology.com/graphicorgs/

Free to use in the classroom from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company http://www.eduplace.com/graphicorganizer/

Write Design Online http://www.writedesignonline.com/organizers/

edHelper.com http://www.edhelper.com/teachers/graphic_organizers.htm

Thinkport http://www.thinkport.org/technology/template.tp

For Math

Using Graphic Organizers to Improve the Reading of Mathematics

Stephania Braselton and Barbara C. Decker
The Reading Teacher
Vol. 48, No. 3, Teachers' Choices for 1994: Best New Children's Books (Nov., 1994), pp. 276-281
Published by: International Reading Association
Article Stable URL:http://www.jstor.org/stable/20201418




Pinterest for Story Problems

For Close Reading of Informational Text
The Library of Congress offers analysis tools for students and teachers.

Analysis Tool for Students

Teacher's Guides

Bibliographic Organizer from The Library of Congress

Use this document to maintain thumbnails of images, descriptions, and URLs.

The National Archives also provides Analysis Worksheets

Analysis Worksheets developed by the National Archives staff.
external image pdf.png artifact_analysis_worksheet.pdf
external image pdf.png cartoon_analysis_worksheet.pdf
external image pdf.png map_analysis_worksheet.pdf
external image pdf.png motion_picture_analysis_worksheet.pdf
external image pdf.png photo_analysis_worksheet.pdf
external image pdf.png poster_analysis_worksheet.pdf
external image pdf.png sound_recording_analysis_worksheet.pdf
external image pdf.png written_document_analysis_worksheet.pdf

For Reading Comprehension
Resources from Scholastic

Wiki devoted to foldable resources
Pinterest Board of Foldables
Catawba County Schools Foldable Resources
How to use foldables to teach history
For Social Studies - more suggestions and ideas for using foldables

Student Engagement Strategies

Wake County Public School System - Academically Intellectually Gifted Program
This resource is a collection of engaging strategies that many teachers have used successfully in planning instructional activities that promote deeper reading, comprehension, and critical thinking in all content areas for all learners. They provide opportunities for student collaboration and a focus on effective oral and written communication. These strategies can be used to introduce, review, and/or summarize content and provide teachers with opportunities for frequent formative assessment of students.
Includes strategies for comprehension, summarization, vocabulary, thinking, learning, and review.

Literature Discussion Strategies
Kathy G. Short
From Creating Classrooms for Authors and Inquirers, Kathy G. Short and Jerome Harste, Heinemann, 1996.