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Collins Educational Associates
The Collins Writing ProgramSM was designed to simultaneously improve students' thinking and writing skills. The unique program develops thinking skills through Five Types of WritingSM assignments and can be easily used in any content area. Collins Writing is based on two essential principles: 1) thinking and writing skills develop with experience and practice, and 2) it is almost impossible to be both a creative thinker (generating new ideas) and a critical thinker (evaluating existing ideas) at the same time.
Free Teacher Resources - from Collins Educational Associates

Cornell Note Taking
The Cornell note-taking system was devised by Walter Pauk in the 1950's while he was an education professor at Cornell University.
A Cornell Note Taking System Explanation
Cornell Note Page Generator
OneNote 2007 Template

Digital Notebooks
Evernote for Teachers
Getting Started with Evernote
Evernote Resources LiveBinder
How Evernote is Revolutionizing My Classroom article

OneNote Basics
Teachers' Guide

Goggle Docs (Apps)
Getting Started with Google Docs
Ways to Use Google Docs in Education

Video Tutorials
Tips and Tricks Binder

Writing Prompts
Writing Fix
WritingFix is about "fixing" all teachers' perception until they realize how important and how wonderful writing instruction can actually be when it's done well and for authentic, real-world reasons. It is the home of interactive writing prompts. I especially link the RAFTS (Role, Audience, Format, Topic, and Strong verb) Writing Prompt Generator for Math, Science, and Social Studies.

PBS Video Writing Prompts
Daily Writing Prompts

Please Do Now Templates
Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

A.E.I.O.U. template (Thanks to Lori Ceremuga)

Ticket Out the Door Examples

Pinterest Board

Story Writing
Inklewriter - write your own interactive stories (be sure to review this site yourself - may only be suitable for older students)
Mapskip - the world is the canvas for stories
Storybird - artful storytelling
Little Bird Tales - write, illustrate, and narrate stories